Terms and Conditions

Data Media Association (DMA) launched the ePayItOnline online payment portal, one of the most popular and loved worldwide. Its registered users can effectively use it to pay medical bills.


It’s the easiest way to get your medical bills and clear them all online without having to go to the store. In addition to saving patients’ precious time by avoiding long queues for bill clearance, they get to avoid wasting their money on unnecessary medical care. As an added convenience, ePayItOnline allows users to print invoices for their records. In other words, the said portal has been working like a charm for its registered users.

ePayItOnline Terms And Conditions

The following are some of the terms and conditions you need to remember before using the ePayItOnline portal:

  • Access to your account on this portal requires an identification code. This is a unique number assigned to your medical bills, so you alone can access them.
  • To log into the portal, you also need the access code from your doctor’s account or the one you received via email. It is a two-point confirmation system. For payment to be made online, the two numbers need to match the number on the doctor’s account.


  • Having a stable Internet connection enables you to pay your bills online without interruption. Remember that only the online version of this portal is available.
  • To access the portal, you will need a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or laptop.
  • You must register to use the platform to pay your bills.

Logging into ePayItOnline to pay medical bills has been simplified by the official login. Paying medical bills online is easy with the portal mentioned above.