ePayItOnline platform is an excellent option for those who do not want to stand in a long line to pay their medical bills. Payments for medical bills can be made via this portal, unpaid invoices can be checked, and invoices for the transactions can be obtained.


Data Media Associate is the company that introduced the portal. Signing up for the portal is easy, and it has a simple user interface. A user who already has an account on the portal can log into the system using their login credentials. 

ePayItOnline Login Credentials

For users to access their accounts, there are two credentials. First, there is the CodeID, which is nothing more than a code generated during registration. The second one will be an Access# code that can be found on your statement. There are three boxes to fill in, each of which has a dash (“-“). If you would like more information about your credentials, please click on the “help” button. 

Your ePayItOnline account can be accessed immediately after receiving your user credentials. Visit the official website on your browser to begin the login process. When the login page appears, enter the above-mentioned credentials in their respective fields. To access your account, click the submit button after entering your details.

You will be able to access your account if the information you provided is accurate. You can log in quickly, and your account credentials are secure on the portal. If you are having trouble keeping track of your account, please contact our customer service team. 

It’s easy to pay your medical bills using the ePayItOnline portal. It’s a secure and convenient way to do so. Many health care organizations choose this payment processing solution over others.